Itineraries and Schedule

We offer maximum care to our clients. Your satisfaction is secondary to the priority we put on your safety. This is a reason why our guides, and perhaps the only guides in Papua to take this precaution, bring for each one of our Papuan expeditions a GPS, and a satellite telephone. Our office is equipped with several satellite telephones. Our clients can use the satellite telephone for private calls (though this requires your guide’s consent). It depends on the battery condition. Allowing, or not allowing a private call, fully lies within your guide’s authority.

Custom-prepared trip itineraries

We also prepare custom trip itineraries for individuals or groups – a visit to any tribe which is described on our website. Please contact our travel agency for further information. The same applies to etymological or other scientific expeditions. Customized itineraries take priority, you can choose the term which fits you best.

Standard itineraries

Schedule for 2020  – see at the bottom of this page

All itineraries in our standard offer are suitable for the general public. Physical strain on these trips is not extreme. On our treks, we walk for about 4 – 5 hours a day, during the maximum of 2 – 3 longer transfers we may exceptionally walk for 8 hours. We know the target areas very well, therefore we take the shortest paths and visit the “well-established” villages. We do not play “superman”, and we do not break records. We really want our clients to enjoy beautiful holidays with unforgettable primitive cultures.

Our trips are suitable for healthy sportsmanlike people who are used to going outdoor at least during weekends; and for people who, despite their office job, find time to go biking, walking, or do some exercise. The trips in our standard offer are suitable for people 18 – 65 years old. Younger people 13 – 15 years old can participate, but only if accompanied by one of the parents. A participation of a person younger than 18, must be consulted with our travel agency beforehand.

Schedule of New Guinea Expeditions

The dates of individual trips and expeditions usually start on Saturday and end on Saturday. The exact schedule of a trip can therefore differ from those in the schedule about +/- 2–3 days. We update the schedule 4–6 weeks before the departure.

Carstensz Pyramid – Puncak Jaya

4 – 6 expeditions per year – this schedule can be found at CarstenszPaupu­

Schedule for year 2020

Tree People Kombai
(Best selling and very well prepared trip)
Feb 22 – Mar 7, 2020, code – strom-200222
Jul 11 – Jul 24, 2020, code – strom-200711
Nov 7 – Nov 21, 2020, code – strom-201107

Tree People Korowai (Best selling and very well prepared trip)
Aug 1 – Aug 15, 2020, code – strom-200801
Sep 19 – Oct 3, 2020, code – strom-200919
Oct 17 – Oct 31, 2020, code – strom-201017
Nov 21 – Dec 5, 2020, code – strom-201121

Asmat & Korowai Tree People
Jun 13 – Jul 4, 2020, code – asmat-200613

Yali – dwarf cannibals from the mountains
Mar 28 – Apr 11, 2020, code – yali-200328
Aug 16 – Aug 30, 2020, code – yali-200816
Oct 2 – Oct 16, 2020, code – yali-201002

Mysterious Mamberamo
Sep 2 – Sep 14, 2020, code – mam-200902

Papua Tribe Festival Goroka
**private tours only

Papua Tribe Festival Mount Hagen
**private tours only

Papua Tribe Festival Wamena
August/September – term not confirmed yet, we recommend to add as a facultative trip to Tree People expedition


Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

SRI LANKA by motor scooters


Pygmies, lowland gorillas and forest elephants – Central African Rebulic – 2 weeks

no exact dates of this expedition at the moment, recommended for private tours.

Wild tribes of Ethiopia – Eastern bank of the River Omo – 2 weeks
2020 More info is available at absolutadventu­