photos – Tree People Korowai Expedition 2015

Korowai – one of the village chief, father and a leader of his family

those who will replace him

and a lady remembering his father´s leader­ship


tree houses


cooking in the ladies´ part of the house

females are not allowed to enter males´ part of the house unasked




in the beginning, a flow must be dammed

then the water drained

finally, what is catched is taken home for the dinner

Brasilian film staff is busy…

…and very interesting!

bones are the most fancied decoration of a house

houses are often full of guest and food

the more shared food, the more bones to commemmorate it (animal ones these days, of course)



sacharides (Pandamun conoideus – „maskot flora“

all village takes part in cooking

red sauce Buah Merah, very popular




making rotang fish traps

playing a musical instrument

trap construction



fruit of a local species of mango


carnivorous Nepenthes insignis

there is a cut space around houses

where banana and other products can be grown

women and childer picking edible plants

relaxation by a river

rain comes usually every afternoon


Petr Jahoda playing with children

Korowai family in front of their house

young Papuan ladies can be really beautifull

richly decorated Korowai

elderly hunter

mountain tribe of Dani

visitors can enjoy fight show

for the fight, decoration is necessary

boar teeth in the nose shaped up mean the fighter is ready and agresive enough

another expressive type of Dani fight decoration



a group ready for ritual fight

Dani fighters leaving their village

time to prepare for oncoming events