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New Guinea Island, and especially West Papua (Irian Jaya) is one of the last places on the Earth, where it is still possible to meet the primitive people of the Stone Age. Yes, there are places where people have been living the same way since the Neolithic Era. They use stone and bone tools, they hunt with bows and arrows, …

Kombai tree people tribe – Papua lowlands – Irian Jaya

Chief of the Kombai tribe – most primitive tree people on Papua – Irian Jaya. A tribeman repairing a stone axe) Photo©JahodaPe­ (Papua guide)

Kombai tree people tribe – Papua lowlands – Irian Jaya

Mrs. Jitka in the Tree people territory – Kombai tribe – most primitive tree people on Papua – Irian Jaya Photo©Roman Heř­man

Unbelivable? Not there. It is actually quite common. You can join one of our expeditions and see it with your own eyes.

You have a unique opportunity to go there with us to convince yourself that it is possible to travel back in time.

Papua – Primitive Tribes – Tours & Expeditions

Indonesian government does its best to civilize Papua rapidly. Don’t hesitate too long, it could be too late. We offer you not only adventure, but also experience you’ll never forget…

Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) – 4884 m – Top of Papua

Papua – Carstensz Pyramid. Photo: Petr Jahoda

Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) is the highest mountain of not only the New Guinea Island, but also of Australia and Oceania. It lies in the Snow Mountains of the Indonesian province Papua (former Irian Jaya). The ascent to the summit …

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Papua – Primitive Tribes

Papua – Kombai tree peoples tribe. Photo: Petr Jahoda

There are now many well-known topics unmistakably linked to Papua – “the island of curly people”: Tree people Korowai, Kombai, and the Yali mountain tribe. There is the Wano tribe, which is famous …

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Papua – First Contact expedition

Papua – Idjadje tribe. Photo: Petr Jahoda

In Papua you can still find absolutely primitive cultures technology development of which ended in the Neolithic period (younger Stone Age). Most of these tribes live in the western part of the island, but …

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Korowai & Kombai – Papua Tree people

Papua – Korowai nad Kombai – tree paople tribes. Photo: Petr Jahoda

The tree people, Korowai and Kombai, live in the basin of the Brazza River in the vast lowland jungles. This is situated in the foothills of the Jayawijaya mountain range, which is in the southwest part of the New Guinea Island in the Indonesian province Papua (Irian Jaya)…

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Asmat – the most dreaded canibals

Papua – Asmat tribe. Photo: Petr Jahoda

Asmat. A word that long scared people. Asmat is a word that became a synonym for cannibals. Asmat is a tribe whose members in the time of war ate brains of their enemies mixed with sago worms from their halved skulls…

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Yali Tribe – Papua pygmey cannibals

Papua – Yali tribe. Photo: Petr Jahoda

Yali tribe is most likely the smallest of Papuan nations. I wrote “likely” because I am convinced that not all the nations living in New Guinea (including Irian Jaya), have yet been discovered. Yalis were discovered no sooner than in 1976…

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Mamberamo – Papua – the forbidden river

Papua – Mamberamo tribe. Photo: Petr Jahoda

The Mamberamo River is situated in the east-west forest of Papua. For many years this area has been almost totally closed off. Many maps mark the basin of the river Mamberamo as „Strictly prohibited territory“…

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Papua – Dani Tribe, Wamena & Baliem Valley

Papua – Dani tribe. Photo: Petr Jahoda

Baliem Valley and the Dani tribe waited a long time to be discovered. Papuan highland belongs to one the most recently explored New Guinea areas. The tall mountains in west Papua (Irian Jaya) were generally considered …

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Goroka & mt. Hagen show – Papua

Papua – Goroka and Mt. Hagen tribal show. Photo: Petr Jahoda

Goroka and Mount Hagen. Every year, Papua New Guinea becomes the scene for the most fantastic and beautiful of world’s festivals. The most famous ones take place in the cities of Goroka and Mount Hagen…

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Huli Tribe (the wig-men) – Papua

Papua – Huli tribe. Photo: Petr Jahoda

The Huli tribe (known as the “wig-men”) made their home not far from Tari city, which is situated in the central highland of Papua New Guinea. Hulis are mostly civilized, but approximately one tenth of them lives a traditional life…

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Asaro Mudmans – Papua

Papua – Asaro Mudmans tribe. Photo: Petr Jahoda

Asaro Mud Men are highland people. Their „clay heads“ culture developed from the need of defensive combat as a war trick played on the enemy.

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